Thursday, June 9, 2016

Pear Bacon Brie Panini

One of our most recent company purchases was a professional panini maker and we wanted to give it a try, so we grabbed some of our new Delicious Pear Chips and got started. Because the pear chips are nice and sweet, we decided to add Bacon because it is delicious and combine it with a Brie Cheese. Too give it a bit of spice, we added thyme and scallions and got to work. 

Using a panini maker the sandwich gets those beautiful crispy lines that really make it a panini rather than a grilled sandwich. We just used an olive oil spray to give it some smokiness and sizzle. As we prepped the sandwiches, we watched the machine gain heat and our mouths started watering. When we placed it on the panini maker and squashed it down, the cheese started to melt and drip down.

Together the flavors really complemented each other. The bacon added some texture and flavor, while the cheese and pears melted so well together. However, the really important part were the scallions and thyme because they took great flavors and just accented them in a great way! 

So try it at home, because we definitely recommend it. 

It is always a great sign when there is nothing left over...and there wasn't event a crumb.  

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