Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Those Lovely Moments

We took pictures for the website the other day but there were quite a few funny pictures that we felt that we had to post. So here they are... I hope they make you smile a bit!

This is Jack our dog. Sometimes he gets really excited and looks like a bat. 

This is when Heidi accidentally elbowed me in the head. Surprisingly, we got it on camera. 

(Left) I decided to twirl Heidi on the swing. She wasn't very happy, but it made really funny picture.  (Right) Heidi really wanted to be in the picture it looks like. 

She was told to pose. This is what happened next. 

 I know what you are thinking. A job well done. So it was time to high five it out!

I do promise that we did get some good photos. You will probably see them popping up elsewhere. We just thought we couldn't miss an opportunity to show you some of the wonderful moments that we have.

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